Royal Oak Dondero High School A Cappella Choir Pop Concerts 1967-1983

Many of us who passed through the doors of Dondero High School had the great fortune to participate in the annual Dondero Pop Concert. I decided to put this site together as a thank you and dedication to all of the students in choir, band, and orchestra as well as the countless musicians who would come out of the woodwork to take part in this annual tradition, and to keep these pop concert memories alive for those who want to relive the concerts you took part in or attended. And for those of you who are still making music....Rock on!

Important Info:
1. The files on this site are highly compressed audio due to loading/playback concerns (22Hz FM Quality). Additionally some of the older concerts are unfortunately victim to the recording equipment available at the time they were recorded. But it will still bring you back!

2. Be patient while the site loads! There are a lot of files, so depending on your internet connection it can take a bit of time for the site to load. It's worth the wait though!

3. These are mp3 files and are easily transferable into iTunes. Perfect for when you want to torment your kids in the car with your high school tunes.

4. If you have any questions or comments please email me at


David Riley

Pop Concerts:

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